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Choose from more than 200 vehicles and 39 models

Wouldn't it be nice to avail of different vehicles for different occasions and – in many cases – to pay less for a whole fleet than for one privately owned car?

The carsharing fleet of Stadtmobil Südbaden currently offers you more than 200 vehicles and round about 40 different models grouped by six price categories: Starting from A with extra small city cars through station wagons to E with vans and small buses. For more driving joy we even offer convertibles. Just see for yourself.


Environmental Protection and Fuel Consumption

Our carsharing fleet mainly consists of young, low emission vehicles with economic fuel consumption.

While the average age is 2.5 years, 37 per cent of our vehicles are younger than one year. The maximum service life is six years. At an ecological point of view the longer the service life the better the ecological foot print as the production of cars consumes a considerable amount of energy and ressources, which leads to high CO2 emissions.


By signing the European campaign Cleaner Car Contracts we have obliged ourselves to purchase cars with an emission of less than 105 gram CO2 per kilometer (1.69 miles) in 2014 only. In 2020 the limiting value will be 95 g/km.

Furthermore, all our vehicles carry particulate matter stickers and are furnished with the mandatory or recommended equipment and accessories.