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Equipment and Mandatory Utensils to be Carried in the Car

All vehicles of Stadtmobil Südbaden AG are furnished with mandatory equipment and utensils to be carried in the car as well as with particulate matter stickers. A number of vehicles also bear toll stickers for Switzerland. 

Accessories, stickers

Legislation concerning mandatory equipment and utensils to be carried in passenger cars vary from country to country. All vehicles of our fleet are equiped to mandatory items according to German law:

  • first aid kit
  • hazard warning triangle
  • warning waistcoat (one per vehicle, see side bar)
  • spare wheel resp. tyre repair kit 
  • particulate matter sticker
  • adapter for filler pipe (concerns some diesle vehicles, e.g. Ford Fiesta)


A sufficient number of our vehicles is equiped with current road toll stickers for Switzerland especially at locations in the near vicinity of the German-Swiss border, but also in Freiburg. You can filter vehicles with CH-vignette in our booking system. 

Please note that will not reimburse toll stickers bought by you. We have changed this procedure effective from 1 January 2013 to optimize the supply of cars with vignette.  

Stickers four Austria or other European countries don't belong to our equipment.

Adapter for filling pipe

Some of the latest diesle vehicles are protected from misfuelling by means of special fuel tank inlets. This inlets is designed for the standard size of German diesle filling pipes. As there are different sizes throughout Europe there are adapters to fit bigger filling pipes into the smaller tank inlet. In case of need you will the adapter in the trunk in the hollow of the spare wheel.

Alcohol tester (France)

The French regulation on alcohol testers, which was newly introduced in 2012, has been set aside in January 2013. Wether or not there will be a subsequent rule is not known at the time.


For information on winter tires, roof girders or child seats please see accessoriesZubehör. Instructions for parking pilots or automatic start-stop mechanisms are to be found on assistence systems.


Warning Waistcoat

In Germany warning waistcoats are mandatory for trucks and commercial vehicles.  For drivers or other occupants of passenger cars waistcoats are only recommended. There are different rules and laws in other European countries. In France and Austria, for example, it is mandatory to carry waistcoats on board for each passenger. In some countries passengers are obliged to wear a vest when leaving the car in case of an accident.

All of our vehicles are equiped with one warning waistcoat. We have additional vests available for you at our head office free of charge. For journeys abroad we recommend you to find out about existing rules at your country of destination and to pick up additional vests at our office if necessary.